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Fight Peer Pressure

Fight Peer Pressure

Peer group is what contributes to the behavior of a person at different levels. It comprises of the persons that surround us who may be of the same age or people having the same interests. Teenagers as well as grownups are influenced by them. As a person struggles to be a part of the group, he is forced to do the activities of the group as well as take up addictions like drinking and smoking. The fear of being left alone stops a person from saying I want to stop smoking with or without his will. This is known as Peer Pressure.

Peer pressure in teenagers

Being a parent of a teen is not easy. Now a days every parent has to watch out for the child as they can easily fall prey to any bad addictions like smoking, alcohol, drugs etc. While trying a few times is harmless, the habit may develop as time passes. But addiction will develop if not controlled in time. Afterwards there won't be an easy way to stop smoking. This age is very delicate phase in life of everyone. It is a gradual process of the child to adulthood. A lot of confusion is there. He has many new things to explore. Friends Influence many decisions. Let's see why they fall for these temptations.

Why children go for this addiction?

  • Teased to be a coward for not smoking by friends
  • Being a part of crowd
  • Feeling it is cool or in fashion to smoke
  • Trying to follow the footsteps of the famous public figures like actors, leaders whom they adore or any family member whom they consider to be their idol.
  • Facing the fear of being left out of group
  • Thinking it is an Idea of having fun
  • Bullied to do in the first place and continue smoking due to habit
  • To relieve the pressure of studies
  • Unable to stand to the expectations of parents
  • Being incompetent in studies or other activities
  • Mental stress due to having troubled childhood
  • Having smoking habit in the family
  • Not feeling it is bad to smoke
  • Smoking parents will usually have smoking children

What can parents do?

  • Children from 12 to 18 years of age are crucial. Parents are the best support a child can get.
  • Closeness to them is important
  • Encourage them in quitting cigarettes
  • Appreciate them for any small achievements
  • Listening to them whenever they want to share anything with you
  • Involving them in any important talks
  • Respecting their views
  • Children learn from the elder’s actions. So they should try to make successful quitting smoking cravings attempts.
  • Correcting thoughts whenever going in wrong direction
  • Give opportunity to express themselves
  • Explain why involving in any bad activities can prove to be fatal for future life.
  • Assure that support will always be there whenever needed
  • Focus on the efforts taken for studies not the grades
  • Emphasis on good quality of life and good habits
  • To help them in quitting smoking cravings try to involve in some enjoyable activities like sports, going for a walk, having dinner together
  • Stress on the importance of a good diet and keeping oneself healthy through exercising.
  • Take guidelines from quit smoking sites to help in giving up this habit

What can children do ?

  • Firmly say no to the addiction as there is no easy way to stop smoking.
  • Learn to fight with the temptations and protect yourself from pressure of the friends.
  • Find friends with the courage to say no to the smoking addiction and stick with them.
  • Try to find things that interest us beyond addiction. Pursue a good habit which gives mental peace and does not bind us.
  • Learn the art of meditation from a good teacher. It will change the perspective to look at life’s problems. Give a positive view.
  • Understand that stress doesn’t vanish through smoking. Learn to face pressure instead of running away.

Peer pressure at workplace

We can also see the effect of peer pressure at workplace. Smoking with colleagues is a common scenario at workplace. Many of them come together as smoking partners. Taking a smoking break during the working hours is just like having a tea break. Colleagues usually force to drink or smoke. It is a part of work culture. Those not complying may be ill-treated, troubled and bullied.

Why are we forced to give in to this addiction?

  • Financial stability is important. It is very difficult to find a new job.
  • Don't want any trouble at the workplace so have to go with the habits of the group.
  • Smoking is considered manly to make an impression on female colleagues.
  • To reduce work pressure.

What can we do?

  • Be firm and say I want to stop smoking whenever forced to smoke.
  • Avoid the parties or occasions where smoking is a must.
  • Assure yourself that you are doing a good job by quitting cigarettes.
  • Always remember that it's better to refrain from these temptations than to be addicted.
  • Think about the number of diseases that one suffer due to smoking for many years.
  • You have to support a family who depends on you financially.
  • Our loved ones suffer mentally due to our inability to quit smoking cravings.

In today’s world many tensions bother us day to day basis. People around us try to find a way of dealing with these things through smoking, drinking or taking up any other addiction. As we are part of this society, we too are tempted to find a solution to our problems through these addictions. But this is not the answer. Looking at our life with a positive outlook is a must. Also understand that smoking is not a solution but leads to many life threatening diseases. So it is better not to give up to peer pressure. If addicted can take the help of quit smoking sites like www.letsquit.net (Vyasan Mukti Kendra) in this matter.

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