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Hookah- A fashion statement or a treat?

Hookah- A fashion statement or a treat

Recent surveys have found that Hookah smoking is trending popularly amongst teenagers and students. Most of them assume that hookahs are much safer than cigarettes and also it adds a lot of pride and status value to smoke Hookahs. Many presume that hookahs and Shisha’sare remedies to quit smoking cigarettes, however, they are just another popular way to smoke tobacco.

Despite imposing several bans on smoking, Hookah lounges are set up in almost every popular city and create a fashion statement amongst the youngsters. Most of these lounges are opened near colleges to attract the student population. Students should find easy ways to stop smoking to avoid any health risks.

Let’s get to know why these Hookah Lounges are popular amongst students :

  • Social status: It’s been trending to upload pictures in the social media of students’ vaping hookahs. They believe that it increases their socioeconomic status and makes them stand out amongst their peer. Hookahs are priced high compared to cigarette, this can be used as a factor by the students to show their economic status and pride.
  • Group Smoking: Unlike cigarettes, Hookahs can be smoked by a group of people. A single hookah session can deliver up to 125 times of smoke compared to a cigarette. So this makes it convenient for a group of students to smoke Hookah by just transferring the mouthpiece from one person to another. A group of 6 to 7 students would sit around for a hookah session.
  • Flavored:Hookahs are offered at a variety of flavors such as mint, coffee, strawberry, and much more which are less likely to cause any smell, unlike cigarettes. So students prefer to smoke hookah as to conceal their habit from their parents or friends. When the hookah doesn’t leave any smell, it easy for them to use it anywhere.
  • Ambiance: Most of the Hookah parlor offers a sophisticated ambiance with exotic interiors and lighting. This attracts the minds of young people where they enjoy smoking. Some of the hookah parlors offer music and dance floors with unique seating arrangements exclusively for students. This brings more crowd and influences the undergraduates in the college to spend time smoking hookahs.

Though the above information may look interesting hookahs are not safe to smoke. It causes the same health risks as cigarette smoking. Every student should understand easy ways to stop smoking these hookahs. If you ever find it difficult to quit smoking cravings, do visit our quit smoking clinic in Thane.

The recent studies reveal that students and undergraduates from high-income groups are more addicted to these hookah parlors and influence their friends to try the hookahs. This creates demand for hookah parlors as there is an increased attraction form the students.

Though the government has been trying to shut down these hookah parlors, it is the responsibility of every parent to monitor and restrict these practices to create a better and healthier generation.


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