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How Passive Smoking affects Kids and their life.

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While several measures and precautions have been taken for smoking, still many parents and adults do not realize the hazardous facts of passive smoking and light a cigarette before their kids. Many parents have the habit of smoking at home or inside the car even when a kid is around, assuming nothing would happen to the child. But in reality, the kid who is a victim of second-hand smoking rather termed as passive smoking is prone to various health issues which can seriously risk their lives.

Passive smoking, especially in kids and babies, can cause life-threatening illnesses which can even cause risk of life and death. Smoking before a child is illegal at certain places and is banned by the government. Many scientific types of research have found that there are over 4000 dangerous chemicals found in the smoke blown out form a cigarette. This causes illness in the lungs, eyes, throat and overall health of the child who is a passive smoker.

Let us know more about how these toxins in cigarette smoke affect kids and babies.
  • Lung Disease : Various infections in the lungs such as Pneumonia, Bronchitis, coughing and wheezing can be caused if the child is a passive smoker. Parents smoke in the living room along with their kids who eventually get infected with these chemical and suffers respiratory problems. In certain cases, the kid can even be affected by serious lung diseases such as lung cancer.
  • Asthma : This is the most common illness caused by every kid who is a passive smoker. The frequency of being a passive smoker can cause severe asthma attacks and persistent wheezing. The parent should consider quitting smoking or not smoke when the child is around to avoid the risk of death.
  • Heart disease and stroke : Ever wondered when a small kid has developed heart disease or increased risk of stroke what could be the reason at that young age. Well, though there are other factors involved, if the kid has been a passive smoker, the chances of this disease will be increased by 20-30%, as the smoke causes adverse effects in the blood cells of the kids and increases the chances of heart-attack.
  • Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) : SIDS is the most leading cause of death in infants which is unexplained and unexpected. The baby could be a passive smoker right from the womb of the mother. Mother’s who smoke during pregnancy or has been a passive smoker when pregnant can bring health issues in the baby such as deformation of lungs, nicotine in blood and breathing issues which eventually causes SIDS in infants or babies who are later prone to smoke.

    The illnesses do not end here more health problems such as cold, cough, ear infection and even tooth decay can be affected. Let us spread the awareness to every smoker who is the reason for the illness in their child caused by the smoke from the cigarette. This can save a life to bring a better change in every child who is a victim of passive smoking.

Smoking can be hard to break, but when you are determined to live a healthy life with your family it becomes much easier to leave smoking and to overcome the cravings for the smoke. Homeopathy medications are a great way to quit smoking effectively without any side effects and this therapy is practiced by Lets Quit. Call us today to know more about our natural homeopathy ways that are effective and helps you to get back to a healthier you.

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