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Pets or Animals and their smoking Hazards

Pets or Animals and their smoking Hazards

People are not aware of the easy ways to stop smoking and often smoke in public places with animals around them. Second-hand or passive smoking not only affects humans but also animals. Smokers often forget the risks involved in second-hand smoking and freely smoke in public or at home with their pets around. Be it humans or animals the risks caused by the exposure of secondhand smoking is always high.

A number of studies and researches show that cats, dogs and birds also face a lot of health issues when exposed to nicotine smoke especially when they live in a house with smokers. Let’s find some of the health issues faced by animals and leave smoking tips.

Let us know more about how these toxins in cigarette smoke affect kids and babies.
  • Allergies : Many Dogs and cats develop problem such as rashes and allergies due to ingestion of smoke. Their skin itches and would suffer from scratching.
  • Respiratory Infection : The most common health issues for all pets is respiratory problems which include lung cancer and nasal tumor. The smoke gets trapped in their nasal canal and creates greater risks.
  • Lymphoma in cats : Cats get affected with Lymphoma a type of cancer that can be caused due to the ingestion of toxic smoke. The symptoms could be less appetite, vomiting and diarrhea. The cat that is prone to cigarette smoke is prone to get affected earlier.
  • Pneumonia : Birds easily get affected by airborne pollutants as their respiratory system is very sensitive, they inhale the toxin air and develop Pneumonia and lung cancer.

  • Symptoms that tells you that your pet has ingested the toxins and nicotine from the cigarette

    1. If you find your pet drooling often and if you smoke inside with your pet, be assured this symptom is a sign of nicotine poisoning.

    2. Visual impairment- if you feel your pet’s eye sign is being reduced.

    3. Increased rate of a heartbeat.

    4. Hearing problems

    5. Persistent vomiting and diarrhea.

    If you find any of these systems, it is highly advisable to take your smoke out and to follow precautions to save your pet. If the situation worsens, please call or visit your pet’s veterinarian.

    What helps to quit smoking and save pets?

    1. Take your smoke out, even if it’s just you and your pet at home, it is advisable to go out for a smoke. The toxins from the smoke can cling to anything such as carpet, furniture or your dress and your pet ingests these harmful toxins.

    2. Wash your hands after smoking or before you touch your pet.

    3. Often dispose of the cigarette butts from the ashtray and keep them clean. Your pet might try to chew them if they find it, which can bring stomach infections as well.

    4. Try tobacco quit medicines for an easy way to quit smoking.

  • Conclusion : The smoke from tobacco contains over 7000 chemicals and toxins that can cause cancer by simply breathing, so it’s not just humans but also animals that get affected. I hope the article would create awareness for quitting cigarettes to decrease the smoke exposure to your pets and to create a better and healthy environment.

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