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Smoking – How it kills your teeth’s

Smoking – How it kills your teeth’s

A shiny clean tooth improves your overall personality and gives you more confidence. It makes you feel optimistic and helps you to smile at people you meet. But once a person starts smoking, the smoker would slowly progress towards unhygienic gums and staining on the teeth. The smoker can develop bad breathe which can cause discomfort while interacting. The smoker should immediately understand what helps to quit smoking for a better and healthier oral hygiene.

Effects of smoking on your teeth:

  • Tooth Discoloration and stain: It is often found that smokers teeth can never be healthy and clean, the color of the teeth changes and create stains that can look bad when you smile or talk. The chemicals in the tobacco can stick on the enamel changing the white teeth to yellow. You may find these stains forever on your tooth even after quitting cigarettes.
  • Formation of Tartar and Plaque: As you smoke the chemicals tends to form a thin layer on top of the tooth and every time you eat, the proteins and other acidic substances tend to stick to this layer resulting in bacteria which is called as plaque. And when the plaque is not removed regularly it can result in tartar. Refer to our quit smoking sites to find easy ways to quit smoking for better and healthier teeth.
  • Tooth breakage and decay: When the bacteria’s along with plaque and tartar is not removed, it can result in tooth decay. The tooth can weaken and would be broken easily. The entire oral health will be spoiled as the teeth break and decay-causing a lot of pain. The person needs to visit the dentist who would then remove the entire tooth to avoid further decay. At this stage, the smoker needs to quit smoking cravings to avoid any further decay or breakage.
  • A weakening of Gum tissues: The tobacco in the cigarettes can reduce the oxygen supply in your blood cells and can weaken the gums around your teeth creating a gap. This can be very painful when you eat or drink. The problem can worsen by developing gum diseases which can even lead to cancer. The smoker can either consult the doctor for tobacco quit medicine or reduce the smoker to avoid these oral issues.

Here are some amazing tips to help you be free from dental problems after you smoke:

  • Brush your teeth or use a medicated mouth wash after every smoke.
  • Reduce the time you take out for smoke which can help you to quit smoking craving.
  • Also, read through our page to gain some easy leave smoking tips that have helped many smokers quit cigarettes.

Most of us forget the fact that smoking causes dental problems and it might be too late to realize it after your teeth are badly affected. We are here to help every smoker with easy ways to stop smoking which not only helps from dental problems but the overall health of the person.

Smoking can be hard to break, but when you are determined to live a healthy life with your family it becomes much easier to leave smoking and to overcome the cravings for the smoke. Homeopathy medications are a great way to quit smoking effectively without any side effects and this therapy is practiced by Lets Quit. Call us today to know more about our natural homeopathy ways that are effective and helps you to get back to a healthier you.

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