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Smoking Poses Higher Risk of Corona Virus Infection

Smoking Poses Higher Risk of Corona Virus Infection

COVID-19 is a corona virus disaster that already evolved into a pandemic that, too in less time. Corona virus initially born in Wuhan, China, and spreading rapidly across the world.

The pandemic is still going through progression, and hence, unfortunately, there is limited information available concerning the clinical characteristics of corona virus affected patients. However, as per the research and analysis of medical experts, smoking has been assumed as an adverse disease prognosis. There are several evidences indicating the negative impact of smoking on the human lung. Smoking also harms the immune system severely, which poses a high risk of getting affected with the COVID-19.

Smoking is one of the high-risk factors that are associated with the infection of corona virus. Health experts from all around the world are suggesting smokers to immediately quit smoking for reducing probable severe outcome in case they get infected with COVID-19. It’s well aware that smoking increases the instances, time duration, and severity of infections that result in critical diseases. There even enough evidence available to convince this point.

In a comparison done with non-smokers, smokers:

  • Have more chances of severing influenza
  • They quite get colds and worse colds
  • Higher rates of infection of influenza
  • Higher risk of bacterial pneumonia

Smoking weakens the human body’s immune process and damages the immune system. In most cases, it also causes direct lung failures. In the research, it is found that smoking poses a severe threat to the corona virus pandemic. This results in an elevated risk of life threat as it impairs lung function. Health officials strictly warned smokers who may get vulnerable to the virus on a larger scale if compared to non-smokers.

Smoking Lead to Severe Disease

Smoking not only leads to small health issues such as cold and bacterial infection, but it also contributes to the severe bad health conditions that appear to be symptoms of worse outcomes from the perspective of the current pandemic. If you do smoking or your family member is a smoker, then it’s high time to become a non-smoker to reduce the probable harm from the COVID-19. Smoking is terrible for the health of your lungs, which creates life-threatening issues if someone with smoking habits gets affected by the corona virus. In the cases of corona virus patients, their lungs struggle to function normally, and they face problems while breathing.


The sooner you quit smoking, it is better for your overall health during this corona virus pandemic.
So to avoid any serious issues, leaving smoking immediately without any harmful effects is the need of the hour. You can get this treatment employed by Let’s Quit, an Anti-Tobacco Center (vyasan mukti kendra) in Pune. People struggling with smoking habits could take current circumstances as an opportunity to leave their smoking habits. So if you’ve been searching for easy way to quit smoking, this is it. Get connected with the Let’s Quit clinic to know more about the process of quitting smoking and become healthier.

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