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Why Person Smokes

Why Person Smokes

It is always skeptical to know the veracious reason why people smoke. Some say it’s a habit, while some smoke to manage their moods and for others, it might be a stress-reliever. And as we are aware that smoking is not just a physical habit but also a psychological practice, it can be really hard to find here could be a various innumerable reason to smoke, however, there are certain undeniable facts and reason that remains common among the majority of smokers. So let’s get to know on those hard and factual reasons that are habitual.

  • To relieve stress : This is the most common reason every smoker says when asked why he/she smoke. They feel when they smile they can overcome all their problems and be stress-free. But unfortunately, the fact remains the same, smoking can temporarily divert their minds but doesn’t bring a solution to their problems and also causes health hazards.
  • Peer Pressure : There is a common belief amongst youngsters to smoke along with their peers as they don’t want to be left as the odd one out. Many have even started the habit of smoking as suggested by their friends to have a socialized lifestyle and for better bonding with their friends.
  • Weight loss : Many choose to light a cigarette rather than having a meal. Some smokers can survive a whole day by smoking rather than eating, they believe this is the easiest way to help them with their diet and not to gain weight. The nicotine in the cigarettes notifies that brain that the body is full and doesn’t trigger hunger. When people want to skip a meal due to any reason, they just light a cigarette which perfectly allows them to sustain the hunger and progress with their work.
  • Social factors : For many smoking is a sign of status and class. They feel sophisticated and proud when they light a cigarette and talk to people. Most people accept and accommodate people to smoke around. Many popular brands of cigarettes have come to the market and most smokers buy them to boost and to show their position in society.
  • Addiction : The nicotine in the cigarettes mixes with the blood and makes it an addiction. Even if the smoker decides to quit cigarettes, the nicotine directs their brain and urges them to smoke. Many people smoke without any reason just because they are addicted to this psychological habit.
  • Feel good factor : Some are the smokers get a pleasant feel when they smoke, it lights up their mood and they assume it changes and refreshes their mind and they try to forget all their worries which helps them get going. Some smokers feel good to smoke after a meal or before a meeting or after a stressful activity and just to feel positive.
    These are some of the reasons that cannot be denied by any smokers, smoking can bring temporary happiness but causes permanent destruction to health. Never the less, smoking thrills but kills.

Smoking can be hard to break, but when you are determined to live a healthy life with your family it becomes much easier to leave smoking and to overcome the cravings for the smoke. Homeopathy medications are a great way to quit smoking effectively without any side effects and this therapy is practiced by Lets Quit. Call us today to know more about our natural homeopathy ways that are effective and helps you to get back to a healthier you.

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