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About Let's Quit

Homeo Treatment

Let's Quit is an Anti-Tobacco Center(Vyasan Mukti Kendra) aiming to bring back healthier people to society. Tobacco-Free India is the motto followed by us, and our entire team of experts works effortlessly each day to accomplish our goals. We bring back the energy to the people and educate them the appropriate ways to live a healthy life free from the risks caused by smoking.

Let's Quit, De-Addiction Center (Vyasan Mukti Kendra) follows the most natural way of healing from the best of Homeopathy Therapy which does not cause any side effects but has helped majority smokers to resist the cravings for smoking and to break the habit successfully and naturally.

There is a significant increase in the consumption of tobacco over the last few years and the World Health Organisation reports more than 10 million deaths every year in India due to smoking and other tobacco-related illness.

Every client is important to us and each client undergoes a detailed evaluation to determine the intensity of addiction and then treatment would be planned. So Let’s Quit focused on both the Rural and Urban population to educate them on the adverse effects of smoking and has particularly helped the lives of these below-mentioned professionals.

  • IT Professionals : Our clients from IT have claimed they were unable to break the habit as it has turned the most craving psychological additions. As they work, their mind and body crave for a puff. Ideally making them smoke in every possible break or time they get. With the help of Let’s Quit, many were able to lead a happy life away from tobacco.
  • Teachers : Teachers represent a good image and add value to the student's life and it highly disappointing to the students when a teacher is addicted to the habit of tobacco consumption. Many teachers who were guilty and yet unable to break the habit have succeeded to overcome the habit with the help of our experts.
  • Infertility Patients : Infertility can happen in both men and women and one of the major reason is smoking. When a person is addictive to smoking or other tobacco-related habits, it may lead to infertility. Our centres have helped these addictive clients to overcome this destructive habit with the natural medications which has helped them to overcome this habit.

Our services include detailed evaluation, counseling, treatments, and planning. We render the service for people aged between 18 years to 75 years. The treatment and medication will vary for every client based on the severity of addiction, however, we follow only the natural Homeopathy Treatment. Our team would follow a complete plan for a total of 2 months for every patient. This phase needs a lot of Patience, however, we have always seen highly successful and positive results over the last 3 years.

Finding it hard to quit smoking, call us today or visit our centre for detailed counselling to break the habit. We are here to help you, stay connected through social media and together we can make your life better and healthier.

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