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E- Cigars and it’s hazards

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E-Cigarettes were first introduced in the Chinese market in the year 2004 and by 2016 it was the most popular amongst youngsters. Most people assume that smoking an E-Cigarette is safe, unlike the tobacco cigarettes that are available in the stores and cannot be used as an easy way to stop smoking. But the fact is that the E-cigarette is battery operated devices that emit vaporized nicotine or non-nicotine solution in dozes.

The E-Cigarette provides a similar sensation of inhaling tobacco cigarettes and can equally cause health issues. The only difference in an E-Cigarette is, it does not emit smoke. Millions of people around the world use these E-cigarettes as its trendy and handy. E-cigarettes can never be used as an alternative to tobacco cigarettes to stay healthy. Even if the smoker is aware of what helps to quit smoking and continues with E-cigarettes he is potentially moving towards various life-threatening diseases caused by the vaporized nicotine.

E-cigarettes are only a replacement for tobacco; however, the nicotine used in both remains the same and causes a negative impact on the person's health. E-cigarettes can never be one of the leave smoking tips for quitting cigarettes.

So here are few potential health risks of E-Cigarettes :

  • High levels of toxin components : The E-Cigarettes contains high levels of various toxic compounds and chemicals which includes nicotine, carbon monoxide and other heavy metal components that can cause cancer. These toxins when vaporized get inhaled by the smokers and gets into the bloodstream directly. This can bring in serious health issues such as cancer and heart disease.
  • Respiratory illness and cancer: A respiratory problem such as emphysema can be caused by direct inhaling of yeh vaporized cigarettes. Unlike the tobacco smoke, the E-Cigarette does not let the smoke out but rather the entire doze of the vaporized chemicals gets into the blood. The entire body, the nerves, the blood vessels along with the respiratory organs gets highly affects due to these chemicals that are released in the blood. These toxins can potentially remain in the stomach and lungs causing cancers such as bladder cancer, oesophageal cancer, stomach cancer, lung cancer, and other serious health issues.
  • Dangerous effects on the nervous system: When the vaporized chemicals get into the bloodstream, it can potentiometer destruct the nervous system. The E-Cigarettes are highly common and used by teenagers and youngsters. This nicotine can destroy the ability of brain development on youngsters and make them dull as they grow. One should not choose to smoke the e-cigarettes to quit smoking cravings.
  • Stress and depression : The e-cigarette that is flavored with chemicals and toxins can damage the brain and cause behavioral changes in the smoker. They can get angry and feel irritated which can result in bad behavior. The youngsters who use E-cigarettes are often found stressed and depressed because of the toxins mixed in their blood. If e-cigar is been used frequently it could reduce impulse control which could potentially lead to a lack of attention, thinking and analyzing and could lead to mood disorders.
  • Heart problems : Heart problems are mainly caused by the nicotine present in the cigarettes when it comes to Sri E-Cigarettes it can worsen the conditions. The vaporized toxins when inhaled directly cause the blood pressure to increase or decrease without allowing it to be stabilized. Long term usage of e-cigarettes can cause severe Blood pressure issue which can lead to heart attack and stroke. E-cigarettes are not an easy way to quit smoking. If one wants to know how to stop smoking immediately, there are several healthy ways.
  • Destruction of the immune system : The overall immunity can be destructed by the toxins by inhaling nicotine. Be it nicotine patch or nicotine gum, the nicotine slowly gets mixed with blood and every organ and leads to less immunity. The smoker can often fall sick and will not have the energy or stamina to fight for the illness. If a smoker finds that his health conditions are getting worse day he says, it could be due to the release of chemicals, toxins, and nicotine from e-cigarettes. At this stage, the smoker can refer to quit smoking sites for quitting cigarettes.
  • Poisonous attack : Yes, you read it right. Wondering how e-cigarettes can cause a poisonous attack? There have been incidents reported of children died due to direct consumption of nicotine. E-cigarettes do look fancy and attract even children and toddlers, they might not know the hazardous chemicals present in them and would tend to put it in their mouths, the chemicals and nicotine can go directly into the babies throat and can cause death. Isn’t it devastating to know this, well the e-cigarettes should be kept in a safe place that children can’t reach it. It can use great danger when exposed even to adults.

Despite the fact that E-cigarettes cause a lot of danger to life, still, it prevails to be popular amongst the younger generations. Let’s check on the reasons why e-cigarettes are used.

  • Flavourful : E-cigarettes come in various e-liquid fluids that attract the young generation. Unlike normal tobacco cigarettes, the e-cigarettes add flavors such as tobacco, menthol, coffee, vanilla, cherry and much more.
  • Attractive and trendy : The E-cigarettes can look like a stylish pen, a USB memory stick or any other stylish design. Regardless of how great it’s designed and appears the fact remains that it contains hazardous toxins and chemicals.
  • Customizations available : Most teens get their E-cigarettes customized; they get it designed in the most attractive colors and use it as a medium of status and pride.

Regardless of how great it may look or what status values it may add to you, the fact remains the same that E-cigarettes can destruct your brain and cause severe damage to the health conditions. Parents should have a close watch on their children if they use an e-cigarette. Youngsters who smoke using an e-cigarette are likely to develop other practices such as smoking tobacco or marijuana. It is better to quit smoking cravings and be healthy.

Smoking can be hard to break, but when you are determined to live a healthy life with your family it becomes much easier to leave smoking and to overcome the cravings for the smoke. Homeopathy medications are a great way to quit smoking effectively without any side effects and this therapy is practiced by Lets Quit. Call us today to know more about our natural homeopathy ways that are effective and helps you to get back to a healthier you.

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