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Effects Of Smoking & Tobacco On Your Body

Fight and win a battle against tobacco

Smoking & Tobacco Intake can be dangerous for health as they can cause deadly life-threatening diseases affecting your body.

Your body will be messed up day by day which can’t be repaired or healed completely.

Let's see how Tobacco & Smoking affects our Body:-


Smoking & Tobacco Intake cause most lung cancers and can cause cancer almost in any part of the body. This includes the various body parts like lips, tongue, mouth, nose, esophagus, throat, voice box, stomach, liver, kidney, pancreas, bladder, blood, cervix, vulva, penis, and anus.

Breathing problems and chronic respiratory conditions

Smoking is the main reason for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), a serious, progressive, and disabling condition that restricts airflow in the lungs. Active smoking also aggravates asthma in active smokers and is associated with an expanded risk for asthma in adolescents and adults.

Heart disease, stroke, and blood circulation problems

Smoking is the primary cause of cardiovascular diseases, such as heart diseases and stroke. Smoking boosts the risk of blood clots, which block blood flow to the heart, brain, or legs. Some smokers finish up having their limbs amputated due to blood circulation concerns caused by smoking.


Smoking is the main cause of type 2 diabetes, with the risk of developing diabetes 30 to 40% higher for active smokers than non-smokers. Smoking may also aggravate some of the health conditions related to type 1 diabetes, such as kidney diseases and failure. Infections Smoking drains your immune system so you’re more likely to get bacterial and viral infections frequently.

Dental problems

Smoking upsurge the risk of gum diseases, tooth loss, and tooth sensitivity. Once a person faces gum damage, smoking makes it harder for their gums to heal.

Hearing loss

Smoking reduces blood flow to the inner ear. Smokers may also lose their hearing earlier than a non-smoker due to the damage caused.

Vision loss

Smoking damages the eye and can lead to macular degeneration — the main reason for blindness in Australia.

Fertility problems

Smoking can make it more difficult to conceive and affect sperm quality.

Osteoporosis and menopause

Smoking is a risk factor for osteoporosis and in women, may result in early menopause corresponded to a non-smoker.

Credit : What are the effects of smoking and tobacco?

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