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Is Smoking a cause of Fatty Liver Degeneration?

Is Smoking a cause of Fatty Liver Degeneration?

Fatty Liver Degeneration also known as hepatic steatosis refers to the disease of liver storing fat in excess of necessary range i.e. more than 5%. Nowadays many elders including children suffer from this disease which in initial stages is not that much dangerous and doesn't show any alarming symptoms. If not detected in the earlier, it poses the risk of raising a number of health issues. Gradually if it progresses further due to not complying with any precautions like following dietary restrictions and controlling bad habits like addictions not practiced seriously this disease may lead to serious liver damage in many cases.

This disease can be categorized into two types:

  • Alcoholic fatty liver degeneration disease: As the name suggests heavy consumption of alcohol damages the liver adversely weakening the immune system of the body and leading to more severe liver diseases.
  • Non-alcoholic fatty liver degeneration disease: This is a recurrent liver disease which causes swollen and damaged liver in people who don't have alcohol at all or consume negligent amounts of alcohol.


  • Many times no signs are seen but a few persons may experience a pain in the right side of the abdomen or may feel exhausted.
  • Sudden weight loss
  • Symptoms found in jaundice like yellowness in the eyes and on the skin are noticed
  • Puffiness of the legs and abdomen
  • Having the Feeling of being totally exhausted
  • Often feeling nauseous

What causes this disease?

  • Overconsumption of alcohol often results in this disease
  • Type - 2 Diabetes patients are at risk
  • Having High blood pressure
  • Living a sedentary lifestyle without any exercise and bad dietary habits
  • People with 50 years of age or older are at risk of having this disease
  • High cholesterol levels play an important role
  • Consumption of soft drinks like energy drinks and sodas containing high levels of sugar
  • Increase in insulin level
  • Being overweight or obese causes the accumulation of fat in the body and different organs as well.

Effects of this disease:

  • This disease does not affect the working of the liver initially but eventually it might prove otherwise if precautions are not taken affecting the liver adversely.
  • If left untreated for long the fatty liver disease in both alcoholic and non-alcoholic cases progresses to cirrhosis, a liver disease which affects functionality of liver badly damaging liver severely and the patient may need a liver transplant.

Treatment for this disease and lifestyle changes required:

  • After prescribing various tests like blood test, CT scan, MRI scan, Liver biopsy and sonography the doctor will decide the course of medication that will be helpful for the patient.
  • The patients will be required to take steps to reduce weight with necessary lifestyle changes like following healthy eating habits daily and including exercise in their routine for reducing the fat accumulation in the liver and their body.
  • Exercise is a good way of keeping one’s body fit and energetic, reducing the risk of developing any life threatening diseases.
  • Alcoholic fatty liver can be reduced by limiting the alcohol intake consciously taking help from alcohol de addiction centers near you.

Risk factors of developing Non - alcoholic Fatty Liver Degeneration Disease in Smokers:

  • Smokers have higher chances of getting this disease than non-smokers.
  • Former smokers along with secondhand smokers are at risk of developing non-alcoholic fatty degeneration of liver disease.
  • Second hand smokers are at a higher risk as they inhale direct toxic smoke unknowingly which is thrown at them from a cigarette smoked by a person nearby.
  • Long time smokers who have given up smoking can also develop this disease as bringing an end to smoking habit leads to putting on lots of body weight meaning increase in body fat resulting in the disease.

Considering the risk of smokers developing fatty liver degeneration diseases you might want to find some easy ways to quit smoking. Well, contact us at www.letsquit.net for some useful leave smoking tips to lead a smoke free life. We at our vyasan mukti kendra at Pune are very much ready to help you quit smoking cravings effortlessly.


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