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History of Tobacco Companies Conspiracy

History of Tobacco Companies Conspiracy

The Tobacco Companies can be seen fooling the customers for their profit. They don't care for the people or the society. They continue to deny that cigarette smoking is a health hazard. Let’s see how they have deceived the public so far.

In 1920 a chemist Angel Honorio Raffo stated that cancer can be caused by tar from burned tobacco and tar without nicotine was also harmful.

In 1952 two cigarette manufacturers brought filter cigarettes brands (eg. Kent & Viceroy) emphasising on reducing the harmful effects of tobacco. This proves that the cigarettes previously manufactured were toxic.

In November 1953 American Tobacco Company in a press release declared that lung cancer can’t be said to be caused by tobacco or the products containing tobacco.

In 1953 a chemist at R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Company Claude Teague gave a report that lung cancer and cigarette smoking can be linked on the basis of evidence. All copies of the report were destroyed.

In December 1953 Tobacco Manufacturing Companies hired a public relations firm Hill & Knowlton to give answer to the question about the health hazards of smoking. The officials of the firm tried to find a strategy to calm down the fear that aroused in the hearts of smokers due to the upcoming research and findings on the cancer and smoking cigarettes.

As per the firm’s guidelines Council for Scientific Research(CTR) was set up. A Harward educated Cancer Researcher Clarence Cook Little was appointed as its Director. Many other people working in the same field were working under him. They were also used as witnesses in courts who supported Tobacco Manufacturing Companies. A team of lawyers tried to prove to the judges that the allegations were false.

In January 1954 “Frank Statement to Cigarette Smokers” was an advertisement given by all Tobacco Manufacturing Companies. It was published in all the newspapers all over the United States. In this the companies told their consumers that the research done so far on the fact that Cigarette smoking causes cancer was false and that they can use their product without any worries. It was designed by Hill & Knowlton.

In 1957 Surgeon General Lerry Burney in a press conference stated that it was cigarette smoking that is a major cause of lung cancer in people..

In 1958 three scientists of British American Tobacco Company, stated that after a public survey they came to the conclusion that people are aware of the fact that smoking is a cause of lung cancer.

In 1961 Arthur D. Little Company reported to Liggett and Myers Tobacco Company that some chemicals in tobacco used in cigarettes are toxic which led to cancer.

In 1961 Arthur D. Little Company’s report to Liggett and Myers Tobacco Company stated that there are some materials present in cigarette that are dangerous and cancer causing.

In 1964 the first Surgeon General's report Luther Terry reported that smoking cigarettes was in fact cause of lung cancer and other health issues.

David Hardy of the law firm Shook,Hardy & Bacon collected scientists and physicians who were ready to testify against the Surgeon General's Report before the congress. Testimonies were purchased and false statements and findings were presented as truth.

In 1965 after the report, the Congress passed the Federal Cigarette Labeling and Advertising Act of 1965. It made compulsory for the tobacco manufacturers to put warnings on cigarette packs.

In 1998 Master Settlement Agreement was signed by the Attorney General of 46 states And the nations 5 major tobacco companies like Phillip Morris, R. J. Reynolds, Lorillord, Brown & Williamson & The American Tobacco Company. The companies were made to make their internal documents available for public.

So it can be seen that the Tobacco Manufacturing Companies already knew of the cancerous qualities of tobacco. But for their benefit continuously denied the truth.

Now they are smuggling goods into developing countries. Then they make the government let them set up their companies so they get the revenue.

They are also targeting the children between the age group of 14 to 18 years of age. Children are targeted through cartoons, advertising etc. This is the age when they usually start smoking. It is hard for them to quit smoking cravings as the addiction grows with age.

Famous actors promote a particular brand of cigarettes on the T. V. and Movies for which they get paid handsomely. The viewers who are quitting cigarettes are tempted to go back to smoking.

They always find a way to lure the public who wants an easy way to quit smoking. So be aware of the unscrupulous activities of these monsters who play with your as well as your child’s life for the sake of their business and profit.

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