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Smoking Industry making money and playing with people

Smoking Industry making money and playing with people

There is always an argument between the smoking industry and the public health community as tobacco causes hazardous effects to the environment and mankind. Although we are aware that tobacco causes health issues, the question of why tobacco industries are still functioning and operating remains in everyone’s mind. Though many are aware of the easy ways to stop smoking, they do not want to give up just because they are addicted to it.

The psychological addition does not allow the smokers to quit smoking cravings and this is the major advantage for the smoking industry. Let us check on the different ways and how the tobacco industry is making money by creating the demand.

  • Exhibiting smoking as glamorous. : Though the cigarette box is printed with the warning images along with the wordings that say “smoking is injurious to health”, the tobacco companies still continue to produce cigarettes that come in attractive boxes. Many smokes for the reason it being a prestigious value, status and style which makes it difficult to quitting cigarettes.
  • Advertising with popular c elebrities : Though there are not much advertisements for cigarettes, many movies bring in the scene where some of the favor of celebrity smokes. This influences the audience and many youngsters get carried away and start the habit without knowing how to stop smoking. They know the tricks on how to get the attention of young people to start smoking cigarettes.
  • The smoking industry contributes a significant share to the overall economy : Well, the cost of the cigarette has gone up and yet people are not willing to stand for quitting cigarettes. The tobacco Industry contributes a significant share to the government for the overall development of the economy which helps them seek the support from the government with leverages on taxes, policies and much more.
  • Attracts the right crowd : The smoking industry spends a lot on marketing and attracts the right crowd of people. Many hoardings and advertisements are made in such a way that they capture the attention of the younger generation. The smoking industry willingly contributes tinge retailers for the creative boxes, stacking racks, displays boxes with lights, just to capture the attention of the people.

  • The smoking industry makes great profits every year and would never stop the production of cigarettes and the fact remains that there are great demands for cigarettes as many are unaware of the easy ways to quit smoking.

    Regardless of all the health issues, the smoking industry keeps earning great profits and shares. Making money is the ultimate motive of these tobacco companies. They play with the thoughts of the people by coming up with health warning statements for smoking. The more they sell, the more they earn money. It is the smoker and his surrounding that is affected.
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