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Why is quitting tobacco hard?

Why is quitting tobacco hard?

We have seen people often complaining about quitting tobacco being so hard. Many people give up because they find it extremely difficult to stop consuming tobacco. Your body gets addicted to nicotine and many people fail to break that habit.

Nicotine is the main ingredient drug in tobacco which makes quitting real tough. Nicotine releases some chemicals through your brain which makes people feel good after consuming it. With time your brain gets used to it.

Nicotine changes the way your brain works and makes you feel as if you need it to function.

  • As soon as you stop smoking, your brain becomes irritable. You might feel anxious or upset as a result. It may be difficult for you to concentrate, sleep, or have strong urges to smoke.

  • Withdrawal is the term used to describe these feelings. Several weeks after quitting, your brain becomes habituated to not having nicotine nearby.

  • We all know no matter how hard it is, life becomes beautiful when you eliminate such dangerous habits giving priority to your health first.

    Let's discuss some tips on how to stop consuming tobacco.

    1) Try nicotine replacement therapy

    Try Nicotine Replacement Therapies which includes trying nicotine gums,patches and lozenges which will help you fight cravings.

    2) Avoid Triggers

    Stay away from places where you used to smoke or eat tobacco with your friends etc. Also do not indulge with people who smoke often which may give you strong cravings

    3) Delay

    Wait 10 minutes before giving in to your tobacco craving if you feel like you're about to give in. During that time, do something to distract yourself. Go to a smoke-free area in public. These simple tricks will help you fight tobacco cravings.

    4) Chew Something

    Whenever you crave tobacco, chew on something like bubble gum or eat something which can distract your mind from it.

    5) Be physically active

    Make yourself active by doing exercise or playing any sport.Any physical activity will help you a lot to fight the tobacco cravings.

    6) Get Support

    It is important to get support from your closed ones while stepping on this journey. Friends and family can motivate you to not give up and fight this battle. Reading blogs on smoking and how to quit it will motivate and help you to fight cravings.

    7) Remind yourself of the benefits.

    Always remind yourself of how life would be without tobacco.You will live a healthier, better life, sparing the health of people around you and also yourself and you will save more money.

    It is all about the mind. Noone can stop you if you are mentally prepared for it.

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    Why Quitting Smoking Is Hard

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